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Electrocardiogram (ECG) Interpretation

Becoming proficient in interpreting electrocardiogram (ECG) is at the core of a Cardiologist’s years of training. At TotalCardiology we perform and interpret ECGs as part of the assessment of our patients.  Our physicians have been interpreting ECGs in a timely manner for most of the Primary Care and Specialists Clinics in Calgary for the past 30 years.  These ECGs are usually acquired through Calgary Laboratory Services (CLS) or by the referring offices themselves. 

An ECG that has minor irregularities/abnormalities may not require any further follow-up but subtle abnormalities could be significant enough to alter the course of your patient’s management and treatment.  With TotalCardiology you could request a rapid cardiology consultation for your patient if our interpretation reveals significant ECG abnormalities.  This could mean a simple Telephone consultation, a rapid consultation or further testing.  This is part of our Advanced Access patient care to improve your patient's access directly to specialists in cardiology and cardiac care without the back and forth for the patient.  To date, we continue to care for many patients who initially came to our attention by an abnormal ECG interpreted by our physicians.

We invite you to request your ECGs (e.g. at Calgary Lab Services) to be intepretated by TotalCardiology.


ECG interpretaion by TotalCardiology

on CLS form

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