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Clinic Information For Patients

If you are referred to our clinic for a Cardiology Consultation, then your doctor has concerns that you may have a heart problem and has decided that the best specialist qualified to assess you is a cardiologist (specialist in heart disease).  TotalCardiology is the largest group of cardiologists in Canada and offers a truly unique and different experience for you that you likely have never experienced before.

The following information will help you get better prepared for your upcoming visit at TotalCardiology.  We want to make sure you have a totally positive experience at TotalCardiology and that all your questions and concerns are addressed during your clinic visit in a timely manner.

For the safety of other patients and our staff, if you have the flu, fever,
cough, diarrhea, vomiting or feel unwell,
please call us at (403) 571-8640 to reschedule.  

We are happy to re-book your appointment for when you are feeling better.

Things you can do BEFORE your appointment

Things you can do at your appointment

What happens at the clinic during my first visit?

In the clinic you will see a Clinic Assistant or a Nurse.  You will be asked to change into a gown.  Some basic information about you (e.g. your weight, height, waist circumference, heart rate and blood pressure) will be measured.  An ECG (Electrocardiogram or heart tracing) will be done.  You will then be seen by a Cardiologist who will talk to you about your symptoms and will examine you.  Following this, if it is clinically required, further testing will be arranged in an appropriate and convenient time frame, sometimes even on the same day or shortly thereafter..  We work hard to minimize risks to you by ensuring that only the most appropriate and relevant heart tests are used for you and interpreted only by experts.  Please note that not every patient will require the same or all tests.  Although most heart tests can be done at our Cardio-Diagnostic Centre, in some instances you may require tests or procedure that are performed only at the hospital. Our Cardiologists have the expertise and the access to perform these as well as clinically required. These may include heart CT, heart Catheterization, or an MRI.

How do I find out about my test results and further plans? Will I need to return for a follow up visit?

After the Cardiologist has reviewed all your tests in the context of your clinical presentation and information you will be informed of your results and any further plans by phone and/or letter.  If necessary you may also be asked to come back to the clinic for further discussion.  At this visit you may see the Nurse and/or the Cardiologist for further plans, treatment options, or education regarding disease prevention as required.  Of course your referring doctor and your family doctor will also be informed of the results and plans.

What if I need a longer term follow-up?

If longer term or more frequent follow-up is necessary then that will be arranged through the office of the Cardiologist who saw you first and you will be informed about this.  This will ensure you have the best continuity of care.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ for Patients