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For Physicians

It is not enough to simply do a test but rather it is extremely important to understand the total clinical condition of the patient and apply care pathways to choose the "right investigations" and then ensure that the results will actually help you manage the patient.  This means the interpretation has to be by experts and comprehensive.  As cardiologists we have extensive training in cardiac disease. As cardiologists with level III training in imaging, ie. the highest level of training in the field of cardiac imaging we have extensive knowledge about the pros and cons of different cardiac investigations, and we are well positioned to deliver exactly that.

At TotalCardiology we evaluate the patients throughly and perform many of the non-invasive cardiac investigations at our new and expanded state-of-the-art on-site Cardio-Diagnostic location using the most current and advanced technologies.  Additionally, when clinically required our Cardiologists actually perform hospital based tests such as Cardiac Catheterization, Cardiac CT Angiogram / Ca score and Cardiac MRI.

Choosing Wisely® - Not sure if your patient actually needs a test or what test to request, or wonder about a need for a clinic visit we are available for a quick Telephone Consultation.  This is another option we provide to help you mange your patients while minimizing risks to them.

Referrals to TotalCardiology
TotalCardiology accepts direct referrals for clinical consultations from all health care providers who are eligible to refer patients including other Specialists, community Family Physicians, Primary Care Physicians, Physicians/Specialists in Urgent Care Centres and Emergency Departments. Through unique innovative scheduling and dynamic capacity generation, all on-site tests will be completed within or often in a much shorter timeline than recommended by the Canadian Cardiovascular Society.

Booking Procedure:
Online, by fax or by phone.  To take advantage of our many booking options including online, please refer to our Cardio-Diagnostic Test booking page.

Our Cardio-Diagnostic Test Reports
As Clinical Cardiologists with training in cardio-diagnostic imaging we have both extensive knowledge of cardiac physiology and pathophysiology as well as significant knowledge of the utility and limitations of each test and the technology behind it.  Our tests are wholly supervised by Cardiologists.  Furthermore, the Supervising Cardiologist interprets all components of the test.  This allows them to evaluate and interpret the entire test in the clinical context of the patient.  Because of our ability to offer this comprehensive service, we are able to provide you with clinically relevant reports and make meaningful recommendations and give guidance as to possible next steps that are deemed appropriate.

We Help You Manage Your Patient's Abnormal Test Results
After the patient has completed their requested test and the interpretation is completed by us, you do not have to worry about wasting time trying to refer/organize a consultation appointment.  Our dynamic capacity allows us to provide a novel service that extends the Advanced Access model for patient care delivery that include the following: