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Test Information For Patients

Things you should know about tests done at TotalCardiology:

Appropriate test for the appropriate patient
The Cardiologists at TotalCardiology strongly advocate the use of the right test for the right patient at the right time and in fact by the right expert. We believe that tests should be selected only as indicated by your clinical status and after a thorough discussion between you and your doctor.  Only when the clinically appropriate test is selected will the results of the test be useful for the management and treatment of the patient.  Every test has risks and benefits / pros and cons and we strive to educate the patient about these so they will ask the right questions regarding tests that are ordered for them.  We believe in the "Choosing Wisely®" principle that the American Heart Association, the Canadian Cardiovascular Society and the Canadian Medical Association are endorsing which challenges the patients to have a discussion with their doctors before they accept any tests.

We help your doctor manage abnormal test results
After your test is completed at TotalCardiology, we will inform your doctor's office of your test results quickly.  Based on the results, we provide opportunity for your doctor to request a Rapid Cardiology Consultation with us as desired.  At our RACCTM cardiology clinic our commitment is to provide rapid and excellent cardiac care for you provided by cardiologists.  This innovative and unique service provides you early access to a Cardiologist.  We will look after the needs of your heart in terms of further diagnosis and treatment.  This will ease your mind and eliminate what traditionally would have taken several weeks or months waiting to see a Cardiologist to discuss your case.

The Cardio-Diagnostic tests
The following are some of the heart tests that your Doctor or your Cardiologist may order for you to be performed at our Cardio-Diagnostic location to determine the cause of your symptoms or your overall heart health.

NOTE:  Please bring a translator if you require this assistance.


When clinically indicated in your case, the cardiologists at TotalCardiology have the expertise and access to order and perform other types of cardiodiagnostic tests / procedures that occur in the hospital. These include: