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TotalCardiology provides total heart health and patient-centred care.  We deliver comprehensive cardiology care which includes consultative, investigative, and therapeutic services for patients with cardiac symptoms.  These services are delivered in a timely manner which are usually much quicker than the current Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS) recommendations.

As the largest centre in Calgary for outpatient cardiac care, TotalCardiology offers responsible cardio-diagnostic tests based on care pathways and expert interpretation of these tests to other cardiology and non-cardiology clinics such as Internal Medicine, stroke centres and community general practice clinics.

TotalCardiology offers the following services:

  1. Cardio-Diagnostic Testing/Imaging which are only clinically driven using leading edge technologies both supervised and interpreted by Cardiologists
  2. RACC™ cardiology clinics allows patients to be seen by the earliest available cardiologist in one our of 3 clinics.
  3. Telephone consultation where physicians can have a quick consultation with one of our cardiologists over the phone
  4. Consultation with a specific cardiologist and/or in languages other than English 
  5. ECG interpretation of highest quality by our Cardiologists if you send us your ECGs or select TotalCardiology as your ECG interpreter/reader when ordering through labs like CLS
  6. Cardiovascular Risk Assessment and Treatment
  7. Patient and public education for primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease
  8. Rehabilitation and Risk Reduction - offering a 12-week, medically-supervised cardiac rehabilitation, exercise and health coaching program for those who are recovering from a heart event, recent heart surgery or those living with a heart condition.  Also provide comprehensive heart health assessments for those interested in knowing their risk for developing heart disease.

Referrals to TotalCardiology
To rapidly evaluate your patients' potential cardiac concerns, we accept direct referrals for clinical consultations and cardio-diagnostic tests from all health care providers who are eligible to refer patients. These include all specialists, community family physicians, primary care physicians and physicians/specialists in urgent care centres and emergency departments.

Our Expertise
We are a community based subspecialty clinic committed to providing direct and Rapid Access for patients to our highly qualified and experienced cardiologists at all our clinics, as well as to provide various cardio-diagnostic tests at our testing centre and rehabilitation and risk reduction program at Repsol Sport Centre (formerly Talisman Centre).  As cardiologists we have many years of additional advanced subspecialty training in diagnosing and treating heart disease as well as additional fellowship training in one or more cardio-diagnostic tests and advanced imaging modalities.  

Our services  
Cardio-Diagnostics - Since 1991 our Cardio-Diagnostic Centre (formerly Cardiology Plus) has been providing high quality and efficient cardiac diagnostic testing.  We have increased the capacity of our services by expanding to our location at 2891 Sunridge Way NE that has allowed us to use newer and more advanced technologies.  We provide on-site tests such as Myocardial Perfusion Imaging Stress Tests (MPI / Thallium), Regular Treadmill Stress Tests, Echocardiograms, Carotid Doppler ultrasound, and  Holter Monitors in one location. These are performed by experienced technologists under the supervision of the cardiologists.  Tests performed by us are interpreted in their entirety by our highly trained and experienced cardiologists with expertise in cardiac imaging and extensive knowledge of cardiac diseases.  This provides a very unique advantage for referring physicians and their patients where our cardiologists provide very relevant clinical information and advice to help manage the patient.  This eliminates any need for having to wait to ask a cardiologist to make sense of the test result.

RACC™ cardiology clinics (at our Sunridge location and in satellite offices at Bridgeland Medical Building and community based clinics) - We offer cardiology consultations with the next available cardiologist through our innovative RACC™ cardiology clinic.  To help improve access even more and offer convenience for our patients, depending on the next available appointment with cardiologist patients may be offered the option of attending one of our several sites to have their consultation completed.

Clinical Care by a specific cardiologist (at The Bridgeland Medical Building) - This is where it all began and this is where we continue to offer cardiology consultation with a specific cardiologist of your choice.

Rehabilitation and Risk Reduction (at Repsol Sport Centre) - We also run an outpatient rehabilitation program and offer cardiac risk assessments out of our Rehabilitation and Risk Reduction site.

Hospital Affiliations, Education and Clinical Research
Our physicians are also members of the Division of Cardiology and Cardiac Sciences at the University of Calgary and the Libin Institute of Alberta and work together with the divisions to deliver the best cardiac care possible.  We provide cardiology services in all the adult hospitals in Calgary and have direct access to all hospital based cardio-diagnostic tests as well. Several of our members serve administrative and leadership roles in the Division of Cardiology and Cardiac Sciences as well as in the provincial cardiac clinical networks. Our physicians and staff are involved in the ongoing education and training of cardiology and non-cardiology residents who rotate through our centres as part of their training requirements.  Several physician members and staff also partake in national and international clinical research studies both in the hospital and at our clinics.