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FAQs For Physicians and Clinics

Q. Who can refer patients to TotalCardiology, RACC™ cardiology clinic and/or Cardio-diagnostics?

A. We offer a variety of options to all the physicians in the community including those from emergency departments and urgent care centres to refer their patients to us.

Q. How do I refer a new patient for a RACC™ cardiology clinic at TotalCardiology?

A. For any NEW patient referral you can FAX our RACC™ referral form (or your own referral letter) to 403-571-6990, or call us direct at 403-571-8641 if you have any questions.

For a visit with a specific Cardiologist please call the Cardiologist's office directly.

Q. Can I book a cardio-diagnostic test at TotalCardiology directly?  How do I find more information about the types of tests offered at TotalCardiology?  
A. All referring physicians are welcome to request/book any of the following cardio-diagnostic tests for their patients.  

You may use our ONLINE booking system, FAX a Cardio-diagnostic requisition form to 403-571-8658, or call us direct at 403-571-8640

Appropriateness criteria for Cardio-Diagnostic Tests - provide a summary of each test and the appropriate criteria for ordering that test.

MPI and Regular Stress Test Q & A will help you decide when to use an MPI Stress Test vs. a regular Exercise Stress Test.

Q. What other options are available for me to discuss my patient's condition?
A. Tele-Cardiology -  At TotalCardiology we have another innovative service called Tele-Cardiology consultation.  Similar to the tradtional hospital hallway consultations, you can use this service at your desired time to discuss your patient concerns with one of our Cardiologists by phone - (see Telephone Consultations)

Q. How do I refer a follow-up patient for clinical consultation to a Cardiologist at TotalCardiology?
A. If your patient has already been seen by one of our Cardiologists, we recommend referral to the original Cardiologist for better continuity of care.  However, we will accommodate your patient in our RACC™ cardiology clinic if the timeline for appointment with the original Cardiologist does not meet the clinical need of your patient.

Q. What if the test I request for my patient has an abnormal finding?
A. At TotalCardiology we are committed to providing rapid and complete cardiac care fast.  After reviewing the test results you have the option of requesting a rapid consultation in our RACC™ cardiology clinic or by Tele-cardiology with our next available cardiologists.   We also will review your patient's test result quickly and offer an appointment for early consultation.  This way neither you nor your patient will have have to worry about finding a Cardiologist and your patients will receive the appropriate care they need at the right time by the right experts.

Q. How do I get set up for ONLINE booking at TotalCardiology?
A.To access our ONLINE test booking, please contact us at 403-571-8640 to register for the site.  Once you are registered you can book your patients through our website anytime.  Click here for online booking instructions.

If we have not answered your specific questions please contact us at our general inquiry/switchboard line at 403-571-8600.  We will be very happy to answer your questions.