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FAQs For Patients

Q. What will I experience at TotalCardiology?
A. TotalCardiology is a collection of innovative Cardiologists with a unique vision and dedication to providing the best and highest quality cardiac care for their patients.   Through many innovative ideas and enhanced rapid access we provide an extensive range of expertise in clinical, diagnostic, and therapeutic cardiac care.  At TotalCardiology we work hard to make sure you have a positive experience when you visit us and our facilities.

We are pleased to provide our patients an enhanced clinical experience with a state-of-the-art clinic at 2891 Sunridge Way NE.  It was designed with patients in mind and offers a welcoming environment with comfortable, calming, spa-like features; leading edge technologies used to perform heart tests rapidly and accurately; this location has free parking and convenient access.

Q. Where are you located?
A. The services of TotalCardiology are offered from our three facilities/centres located at Bridgeland Medical Building, Sunridge Way Building, and Repsol Sport Centre (formerly Talisman Centre.)

Clinical care by TotalCardiology is offered from a variety of locations:

Testing is performed at our Cardio-Diagnostics location at our:

Our cardiac rehabilitation program - one of the largest outpatient rehabilitation programs in Canada - is based out of the Repsol Sport Centre (formerly Talisman Centre).  In addition, this centre offers comprehensive heart health assessments to identify cardiac risk factors as part of its risk reduction services. 

Q. Where do I park?
A. Each of our sites have dedicated parking.  At the Bridgeland Building parking is limited and is located in the rear of the building. If the rear parking is full, patients may need to park on nearby streets or in paid parking zones – please note that many neighbourhood streets have parking time limit restrictions that should be respected. Sunridge Building and Repsol Sport Centre each have ample parking in front or on the side of the buildings.

Q. As a new patient how do I arrange to see a Cardiologist at TotalCardiology?
A. We follow the Patient-Centred Advanced Access model of providing high quality and comprehensive cardiac care to our patients in a very timely fashion.   You can be referred directly a specific cardiologist with variable wait times or RACC cardiology clinic where you will be triaged to see the next available cardiologist.  A referral from your doctor is necessary if you are a new patient and we accept referrals from all family doctors, other specialists, and emergency and urgent care centre physicians. If you have already been seen by one of our Cardiologists, and they have asked you to make a follow-up appointment, then you can simply do this by contacting your Cardiologist’s office directly.

Q. What if I have already seen a Cardiologist at your centre?
To ensure continuity of care we ask that your referring doctor arrange a follow-up with your own Cardiologist. If you have not been seen by your Cardiologist for over 6 months, then you will generally need to go back to your family doctor first.  However, if the timeline is not satisfactory to your doctor or you we will arrange for you to be seen sooner by one of our next available Cardiologists.

Q. Can I pay privately to see a Cardiologist at your centres?
A. We adhere to the Canada Health Act and do not have a two tiered access services and clinic. All patients referred will be assessed and treated according to their clinical needs.  We offer several avenues for access to us to ensure that you are seen by a Cardiologist as soon as your medical situation requires.  Please discuss your referral options with your doctor.

Q. How do I get prepared for my clinic visit?
A. Please refer to RACCTM cardiology clinic - information for patients

Q. How do I learn more about the my heart tests and how to prepare for them?
A. Please refer to Cardio-Diagnostic Tests - information for patients. There are preparation pamphlets for each diagnostic test.

Q. Do I need to sign any Consent or other forms?
If you are having a Regular Exercise Stress test or Nuclear Stress test (MPI / Thallium) you will be asked to read and sign a consent form that explains the risks (which are minimal) of the test.  Please make sure you have a translator accompany you if you require this service.  You may also be given the opportunity to participate in one of our research studies.  In those cases you may also be asked to read and sign a consent (for research purposes) if you choose.

Cancellations or rebooking of my appointments

Q. How can I cancel or rebook my clinic appointment or my heart test(s)?
A. We understand that at times you may need to cancel your appointment with us.  While last minute emergencies could certainly occur, we appreciate if you could inform us of your plans to cancel your appointment at least 24 hours ahead of time so we can offer your time slot to another patient.  This will ensure that we can continue to provide quick access to a Cardiologist or our cardio-diagnostic tests for all of our patients.  Our direct central access number is 403-571-8600.