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What is a Cardiologist?

Why should you see a Cardiologist as the expert for your heart disease?

Choosing Wisely® (www.choosingwisely.org) is an increasingly growing campaign promoted by the world's prominent cardiovascular societies that aims to promote "the right care for the right patient provided by the right expert at the right time in the right place".  It would make sense then if you have a possible heart problem to expect to see a heart specialist (Cardiologist) to help identify and manage/treat your heart disease right from the start.

At TotalCardiology we match your heart problem with the most appropriate solution.

Cardiology is a complex field.  We cardiologists must first complete medical school and postgraduate training and attain Board Certification in Internal Medicine. Then, for an additional three to five years, we study conditions specific to the heart, blood vessels and blood circulation.  This extensive additional training makes us "experts" in the field best suited and most qualified to properly diagnose and treat diseases of the heart and blood vessels (the cardiovascular system) and some lung conditions. related to the heart.  Cardiologists also receive extensive additional training in cardiac diagnostic testing/imaging which in combination with their expert clinical knowledge enables them to provide most clinically relevant rapid interpretation of your test and thus look after your heart disease.  Cardiologists can choose the right specialized test for you (sometimes that means no tests at all) and because of the extra training in performing and expertly interpreting such tests they can help offer a very high quality management of your heart in disease and in health.

A Cardiologist and your Family doctor; A great team to look after your heart...

While heart disease can be difficult to recognize, equally important is the fact that associating a symptom inappropriately to heart disease (i.e. overdiagnosing) will no doubt be unacceptable to you.  Harm may come by exposure to inappropriately selected or unnecessary test(s).  The emotional stress associated with delays in sorting out your symptoms is also not acceptable.   Going directly to a Cardiologist as a first choice will minimize the risks to you by mitigating unnecessary delays in receiving the most appropriate cardiac care by the right expert at the right time.

The Cardiologists at TotalCardiology have been collaborating with and supporting your Family Doctors for many years.  This community relationship is now even stronger with our innovative RACCTM cardiology clinic which utilizes a unique approach to deal with your potential heart disease in a very comprehensive way whether you are referred by emergency room doctors or your own family doctor.  This type of close collaboration is complemented by TotalCardiology's ability to use its team approach to teach you about your risk factors to lead a healthier lifestyle and maintain an optimal state of heart health.  TotalCardiology is also leading the way in establishing outreach community cardiology care to further improve direct access to cardiologists via collaboration with other healthcare providers who share our vision of innovative health care in the community so you can potentially see a Cardiologist in or near your own neighborhood in the near future.